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Landlords Alberta: Credit Checks For Tenants

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Landlords Alberta Credit Checks For Tenants

August 1, 2016

Make sure you find good tenants by running a fast and affordable high quality credit check with the Alberta Landlords Association

It’s been a great year so far for many Lethbridge landlords.

The economy is strong, there are lots of good tenants looking to rent from good landlords, and according to Moneysense magazine almost half of the ‘best places to live’ in 2015 are in Alberta.

How To Avoid Renting To Bad Tenants

Most renters in Alberta are worthy of renting your property.

They are good folks who pay rent on time and respect your property. Many renters are saving up to buy their own home (and some even want to eventually become landlords just like you are).

Of course, there is that small percentage out there who prey on unsuspecting landlords. Sadly, these are people that are growing and not something only Ontario landlords need to worry about in 2015.

Serial Bad Tenants Can Cause Landlords Thousands of Dollars

There’s been a big story in British Columbia that has British Columbia landlords fuming.

There are a couple of serial bad tenants who go from one small landlord to the next without ever paying a cent of rent.

A CBC News Investigation showed how they jilted small landlord after small landlord.

Some landlords are out thousands of dollars.

They are even now demanding the creation of a ‘Bad Tenant Registry.’ We wish them good luck but it’s doubtful the government will help them.

How Can You Rent to Good Tenants?

There is a common these to all these small landlords lose so much money.

They don’t have a thorough tenant screening system.

To find good tenants you should always include a credit check. This will show you the potential renter’s credit score, verify employment and past addresses, and show you if they owe anyone money.

If they owe other people money, there is a good chance they will end up owing you money to.

Premium Tenant Credit Checks For Only $10 Per Check

The Alberta Landlords Association has recently teamed up with the best credit check company in Canada.

Credit checks are the most popular credit check system used by small landlords in Ontario (where the system is stacked against landlords!). 

Here is a recommendation by a Toronto landlord:

“I strongly recommend running tenant credit checks for helping me find good tenants”

Get Started Fast and Enjoy a Huge Discounted Price

While the normal price per check is $21.58/check, if you are an ALA member you get credit checks for only $10/check! That’s a huge savings!

And remember, unlike other groups the ALA only charges a one time fee.

Whether you are a landlord in Lethbridge, Calgary, Edmonton or anywhere else in the province,  credit checks are a way to make sure you rent to good tenants and avoid the serial bad ones out there.

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